Floral Therapy Program

Random Acts of Flowers will “take the show on the road” to teach floral arranging to residential healthcare facilities and long-term hospital patients. Lessons can be scheduled as a “drop-in” activity or targeted to a specific group, such as rehab or physical therapy, skilled nursing, cancer support, memory care, or a gardening club within a nursing home.

“Our residents said how wonderful it is to wake up to flowers – to see them and smell them. They talked all about how the flowers are continuing to brighten their days. Thank you for coming and chatting with them – for your kindness and for thinking of us! We look forward to your return!” – Carol

Floral arranging lessons are typically 1.5-2 hours and available for up to 25 participants.
Participants will make one bouquet to keep and another to be delivered as part of RAF’s mission.


  • Opportunities for creative expression
  • Health benefits, such as the promotion of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and stimulation of tactile and olfactory senses
  • Emotional wellness, such as stress reduction, sense of accomplishment, improvements to self-esteem, and increased feelings of calm and relaxation

To Organize a Floral Therapy Program for your Residents
or to Sponsor a Session, please Contact Us.