Kroger and Random Acts of Flowers team up
to deliver beautiful donated flowers

(WTHR Indianapolis, 3.31.2017)

Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentines or Mother’s Day, flowers seem to convey love more and more. Flowers are also often sent to say “get well” and that’s the focus of an organization relatively new to Indianapolis.

Screenshot (9)Stunning and striking, they line the shelves of Kroger – the world’s largest florist. “Anywhere from 5 to 7 days is typically a good rule of thumb for the shelf life of flowers. Everyday we’re going through and looking at the freshness of the flower,” Kroger Floral Sales Manager Sheila Fair said. “All of our stores have multiple shipments every single week and we always want the freshest flowers out there, so every day we’re going through and looking at the freshness of the flower.”

But what happens when they get a little “long in the stem?” “We treat our floral department just like any perishable department in the store; just like we treat bananas in produce or fried chicken in the deli,” Fair said. About half a dozen central Indiana Kroger stores now donate them to Random Acts of Flowers.