Wish List
Wish List

The Chicago branch workshop is where our volunteers do all the hard work to prepare the bouquets that deliver hope and encouragement to vulnerable members of our communities. To do that work, they need the right tools.

Take a look at our Amazon wish list to see what items would help with our mission;
and, if you would like to make a donation of any of these items, please email Flowers@RAFChicago.org.

Materials for Volunteers

  1. Shears ($15 each)
  2. Aprons ($10 each)
  3. Floral Picks (case of 1,000 is $40)
  4. Compostable hot and cold drinking cups
  5. Yummy Snacks!
  6. Water Pitchers
  7. Thorn and Leaf Strippers

Workshop Materials

  1. 4 Pollard Brothers Tables ($317 each)
  2. 20 stools ($40 each)
  3. 3-compartment sink
  4. 33 gallon garbage bags
  5. 1 cubic yard heavy duty tilt trucks for compost ($200 each) (x2)

Annual Operating Expense Underwriting

  1. Printing ($2,000)
  2. Waste and Recycling ($2,400)
  3. Fuel for Delivery Vans ($3,600)
  4. Phone and Internet ($4,200)
  5. Facility Rent ($21,780)

Construction Help

  1. Electric and plumbing for dishwasher, washer/dryer, and new sink